Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Vegan Underground Supper Club

Pretty excited today, as this evening I will be visiting an underground restaurant featuring a vegan menu!

A couple of months ago, Vintage at Goodwood food curator; Valentina Harris, informed me of Full House; the newest entry to the London underground dining scene. A six-month pop up project Full House is a new kind of supper club. Hidden in a secret location, revealed only on the day of the event

I have long wanted to dine at an underground restaurant but had never come across one that offers a vegan menu. So I emailed Bonnie, one of the housekeepers, asking if there is any chance that they would put on a vegan evening and a day or so later the Vegan Asian menu was on website!

So, tonight's Asian Vegan menu is:

Five Course Asian Vegan Menu

Cookery Demonstration

Rice Paper Rolls-Making



Rice Paper Rolls, stuffed with vermicelli, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, holy basil, mint, coriander tomatoes, and marinaded in soy and mirin. Served with homemade chutney.

Shiro Miso Soup with Tofu, pak choi, wakame seaweed, and sweet potato


Glass Noodle salad with trio of mushrooms; shitake mushroom, straw mushrooms and cloud mushrooms, beetroot, and golden sesame seeds, in a rice wine and soy vinagrette dressing.

Roast Hatcho Miso and Chilli Aubergine and Daikon, with black sesame. Served with jasmine rice and garlic pak choi


Lychee, Lemon and Ginger Sorbet with Mint


I shall let you know what it was like tomorrow.

And, for those of you who missed out but would love to attend an evening like this. Full House are hosting another Vegan Night at the end of this month; Vegan and Raw Galore. Have a look at the Full House website for more info.


  1. Good luck - it sounds both amazing and creepy, all at the same time :)

  2. What a cool concept! I'd love to attend something like this. I won't be around end of this month, for the next vegan event, so I hope they announce more.

  3. kip - yea really looking forward to it. Will let you know how it goes and if any more are planned in the near future!

    Steven - haha will let you know which way it goes!

  4. it was great....have a look at the blog post above :)

  5. nice! For 6 years i have been running a vegan underground restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area.