Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Bruschetta Brunch

Summer is well and truly on its way, and for me this means regular visit to London's Borough Market. Yes, Borough Market tends to be far too touristy and slightly over priced....but....if you time it right and arrive at the very end of trading on a Saturday you can nab yourself a few bargains. On Saturday I did just this.

My Borough (reduced price) shopping bag:

  • One wholemeal loaf
  • Variety of wild mushrooms
  • Red and yellow beef tomatoes
  • Fresh red chillies
  • Fresh herbs: basil, oregano, thyme

So, after spending the morning debating on what to do with my fridge full of fresh ingredients I settled on two types of bruschetta:

  1. Classic tomato, red onion and basil with an extra virgin olive oil and balsamic dressing
  2. Wild mushrooms cooked with chilli, garlic, thyme and oregano with a basil and rocket oil dressing

Perfect for a warm spring afternoon!


  1. I must say, that just looks - terribly tasty!

  2. Thanks Shankar

    they were very tasty indeed!